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Hydrology Project


The key project data


The prime objective of Hydrology Project is to develop and implement a sustainable Hydrological Information System (HIS)  through improvement and strengthening the infrastructure of Hydro-meteorological stations, training extensively the personnel involved and computerization of the data for meaningful analysis and dissemination to the users. The use of SWDES and HYMOS software's in data entry and processing has resulted in giving out quality data.

The phase I of Hydrology Project with achievement of objectives cited above is completed on 31st Dec 2003.

The next phase i.e. Hydrology Project Phase II is  sanctioned by World Bank providing assistance to the tune of Rs 9.60 Crores over a period of six years and is started from July 1, 2006. The Phase II focuses basically on demand driven dissemination and use of HIS data though HDUG and purpose driven studies based on HP data and development of decision support system.

Development of hydrological database is supporting major aspects of State and Central level Water Policy particularly in: Water Allocation, Water Planning, Water Management and Water Quality Monitoring

Data Centers

In Maharashtra State 26 sub-divisional data processing centers, 5 Divisional Data Processing Centers, main State Data Processing Center and State Data Storage Center are involved in hydrological surface water data processing and dissemination.


     Indian Central and State
      Government Departments
    Hydrological data users 
    Hydrology professionals.
    Researchers & Institutes.
    Central and State decision

    Private organizations.
Signing of agreement  

January 19, 2006


April 5, 2006

Closing date 

June 30, 2012 (six years)

Loan Amount (US $) 

104.98 Million

Loan No. 


Water Availability Certificate

Based on the database created under HP- Phase I, Govt. of Maharashtra has authorized Hydrology Project organization to assess the yield for any project to be taken up and certify the Water Availability. The project can be sanctioned by any organization only if water availability is certified by this organization. One Water planning division has been assigned the work of yield computation of proposed schemes.





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