Data dissemination policy (HP-Maharashtra)
  New applicable rates of data pricing and its policy, approved in Third meeting of HDUG coordination committee held on 27 June 2005 are as below.
  • ARG data Rs.225/- Station /Year
  • SRG data Rs.225/- Station /Year
  • FCS data Rs.225/- Station / Year
  • GD data Rs.600/- Station /Year
  • Sedimentation data Rs.600/- Station /Year
  • W.Q. data Rs.240/- Station /Parameter/Year
Data dissemination policy:
Purpose Rates Applicable
1. Individual students having no grants for research No Charges
2. Research & educational studies having grants 25%
3. Individual farmers, data required for agriculture 50%
4. Private Organisations Double the rates
  • Data is supplied to only HDUG member. Only validated data is supplied. Following terms and conditions are imposed to members while disseminating the data.
  • The supplied data should be used strictly for the purpose of Environment Impact Assessment only, for which the data has been requested.
  • Publicity of the data in any form without the prior permission of the SDSC Manager, Nashik is strictly prohibited.
  • The data shall not be re-sold or shall not be transferred for any commercial purpose.
  • Any inference drawn based on these data will be the sole responsibility of the users. SDSC, Nashik will not be responsible for any kind of loss or damage in any form occurring due to use of this data.
  • If data is supplied for research purpose it is mandatory for data user to submit one copy of his research report to Hydrology Project.