Purpose Driven Study - PDS
   Effect of changing water allocations in Nathsagar Project, Jayakwadi dam, Paithan Dist. Aurangabad.

 Optimization of G and D station network in HP, Maharashtra: This study is completed for Upper Bhima basin up to Ujjani with the help of CWPRS, Pune .
  The conclusions are as follows:
  • Assessment of GD sites:

    • Out of 14 GD sites in the catchment of Upper Bhima up to Ujani basin after analysis 3 GD sites are proposed to be closed namely Shirur, Rakshewaadi and Dattawadi. Out of these three GD sites since Dattawadi comes in urban area of Pune city it is not recommended to close this station. Therefore it has been recommended to close only Shirur and Rakhsewadi GD stations.
    • Also GD stations namely Askheda, Chaskman and Wegre, since dams have been constructed just u/s of these sites and spillways of these dams will be acting as GD sites, the 3 GD sites namely Askheda. Chaskaman, and Wegre are proposed for closure.
    • Thus in all 5 GD sites are proposed for closure. Considering dams as GD sites the network density will be 1,226 km2 per one GD station which is as per WMO norms. (for semi hilly area one station for 1000 to 2000 sqkm)

  • Assessment of Rain gauge stations:

    Out of 44 rain gauge stations 9 stations are proposed for closure namely Aundhe, Kathapur, Shive, Kadus, Hatwan, Kasurdi, Jejuri, Palkhurd, Kodapur. Since station Kathapur is required for Amdabad Gd station to fulfill the norm of WMO. It is propose to be retained and other 8 stations are proposed for closure. The network density will be 408.66km2 per rain gauge station. (For plain area density is 500 sqkm per station)